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How To Perform a What-If-Analysis

A “What-if Analysis” allows you to chart your academic progress towards any major (and minor) you choose. You can find this tool by logging into Patriot Web.

To perform a What-If Analysis:

  1. Login to Patriot Web and select “Student Services”
  2. Next, select Student Records
  3. Next, select Degree Evaluation
  4. On the Bottom of the screen, click What-If Analysis
  5. Select your catalog year and hit continue.  Note: Students are assigned a catalog term upon admission to George Mason University in a degree seeking program. Students then adhere to the program requirements outlined in that catalog. You may select a different catalog term when doing a “What-If” evaluation. Students should note that changing catalog term for purposes of this degree evaluation WILL NOT alter your actual catalog term.
  6. Be sure to Choose a program and a major
  7. Clicking “Add More” will allow the inclusion of a concentration as well as a first and second minor, if desired.

General Requirements is a simplified version of “Detail Requirements.” It provides a listing of all coursework broken into area requirements. It does not provide information about coursework you must take to fulfill your program requirements.

Detail Requirements is the most comprehensive degree progress evaluation. It provides an in-depth listing of all coursework and how it applies to your selected program. This evaluation provides detail about coursework you must complete to fulfill program requirements.

Additional Information provides a comprehensive listing of classes that DO NOT fulfill degree requirements for your selected program.