Order Transcripts or Enrollment Verification

Whether you’re applying for internships or just trying to access your student records, there are a lot of reasons that a student may need to order an official transcript or an enrollment verification form. An official transcript includes the classes you’ve taken, the final grades you received, your graduation date (if applicable), and your G.P.A. If such detailed information is unnecessary, and you simply require proof of your enrollment at George Mason University, an enrollment verification form should suffice.

Please note: if you are not currently a student of Mason, or have forgotten your student information, you can find information on how to order a transcript here.


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12:00 AM Midterm progress reporting period
Midterm progress reporting period
Sep 25 @ 12:00 AM – Oct 20 @ 11:59 PM
100-200 level classes
12:00 AM Fall 2017 Graduation Application...
Fall 2017 Graduation Application...
Sep 30 @ 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
Event Website: http://registrar.gmu.edu/graduation/index.html
12:00 AM Selective Withdrawal Period
Selective Withdrawal Period
Oct 2 @ 12:00 AM – Oct 27 @ 11:59 PM
Undergraduate Students Only
12:00 AM Spring 2018 Schedule on Patriot Web
Spring 2018 Schedule on Patriot Web
Oct 2 @ 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM
Students are assigned a time ticket for their class code (GR, SR, JR, SO, FR, ND) that allows access to registration based upon the number of completed hours from most to least. This time ticket[...]